The 10 Best CPA Exam Tips

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Undertaking a CPA exam requires that you be well prepared. Some students fail the exam because they did not plan or manage time well. Many people have a perception of a CPA exam being difficult, but one thing you should know is that once you follow the most important tips on how to pass a CPA exam, you will be on the safe side. Passing will be achievable for you. After all, you wouldn’t want to get that degree in accounting and not be a licensed accountant!

Try to consider the following best CPA exam tips:

Always have a fresh mind

It is important to have a fresh mind on a daily basis. Staying up all night should be a forgotten routine to avoid confusion and lack of concentration on the day of your exam. With rest and continual focus and concentration over time, you will eventually grasp more information concerning your CPA exam.

Have a plan

It is always advisable to have a work schedule if you are currently working and a study schedule for your CPA exam. A schedule will propel you toward graduation with a degree in accounting, and then you can plan to take your exam to avoid any inconveniences.

Always keep in mind that every exam is different

If you are taking a CPA exam for the first time you should clearly be aware that it will be different from the previous exams. For instance, 2013’s exam will be completely different from last year’s exam. This means that you have to make sure that you get high scores to avoid failure. A CPA course has four sections and you are required to pass all of them or you will have to retake parts of the exam.

Revision is important

Always review your notes on a regular basis to enhance your memory capability. With this you will be able to remember and apply what you will have read during your exam. Prepare short summarized notes and avoid cramming. You can easily download your review notes from the comfort of your home through use of a computer, a phone or even a tablet. With these materials, you can study any time anywhere you want.

Talk to your instructor

Try to inform your instructor on your plans to take a CPA exam and get their feedback as quickly as possible bearing in mind that the CPA credential is the key entry to career development.

Use your exam tricks

If you have your own invented methods of learning use them if they are efficient for you.

Work hard

Burying yourself in books won’t help you if you do not know what your main purpose is. You should at least allocate some time for yourself to have fun. This will help you relax and once the exam comes, you will easily ace it.

Stay away from social media

If you have a Facebook or twitter account log them out and stay completely away from internet to enhance concentration.

Remind yourself why

Have a purpose for taking a CPA exam or a degree in accounting.

Understand what CPA is

CPA is all about diligence as well intelligence!


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How Does Public Administration Differ from Business Administration?

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Are you thinking about getting an online masters degree in public administration? If so, it may serve you well. However, it’s important you understand the difference between public administration and business administration. Understanding the distinction between the two will help prepare you for the type of education that will most benefit your desired career path. 

Career Path Distinctions

Public administration is primarily suited for individuals seeking a career aligned with public and/or government service. Interestingly, public administration covers a broad scope of career paths. For example, someone with masters degree in public administration can assume many different titles including a Human Resource (HR) Coordinator, Energy Consultant, or even an Agricultural Marketing Specialist and work in school systems.

In contrast, business administration is primarily suited for individuals seeking a career aligned with private sector administration or management. A business administration background is not industry specific. However, many career-oriented employees focus on either industry specific specialties or administration specialties. Some of the jobs you can qualify for with a business administration degree include a Managing Director, Financial Analyst, CEO, CIO, or Public Relations. It is also a basic background for entrepreneurship.

While it’s not guaranteed that a certain degree type will yield specific job roles, more often than not experience and relevant educational credentials will increase your potential to fill the role you desire. Imagine for a second you were applying for an engineering position with a non-engineering degree. This dramatic difference in terms of position and educational background may raise a red flag for an employer who is seeking an employee competent in a specific duty or field. This is why it’s so important to be mindful about your career path and how that falls in line with your chosen degree or educational program.

Educational Background Distinctions

When considering the educational distinctions of public or business administration several components including objectivity, audience, decision-making, and regulatory components play a substantial role in educational variances. For example, course work for an online master of public administration will focus largely on governmental decision-making processes and public accountability. Consequently, course objectives like Finance and Accounting will focus more on government budgeting processes, fund allocations or fund pools. Business administration will focus on revenue generation, working capital, receivables, and profits. As you can see the educational differences focus on the context or environment where administration will occur. Those working in public administration fields are more likely to deal with government budgets and legislative processes. Whereas, those working in the business administration field are more likely to work with revenue generation, 10k’s, quarterly statements, and a board of directors. Understanding these differences is very important to your future because it will help you be prepared to successfully fulfill your role within any organization.

Why Choosing the Right Online Degree is Important

Choosing the right online degree for your future career path is essential because acquiring and developing the appropriate skill sets necessary to successfully pursue and fill specific roles in organizations is essential. For example, becoming an accountant and becoming an accounting professor requires two similar yet distinctive educational credentials. Accountants interested in sitting for the CPA exam should focus on courses that prepare them for the exam and meet the credit hours criteria for their specific regions. In contrast, accounting professors should ensure they have not only the required levels of education but also the necessary instructional credentials required to teach at a specific college or university. In the same way government accountants seeking employment in high level government positions, agencies, or departments may benefit from an online masters in public administration in addition to their credentials in accounting and public finance.

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Career Planning:Current Degrees to Set You Up In Tomorrow’s Growing Industries

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Earning a degree is an exciting and important investment in your future. Deciding which degree to pursue, however, can be a difficult choice. Certainly you want to consider your natural interests and abilities, and you also want to choose a degree that will provide you with the best job prospects upon graduation. Therefore, knowing which industries are growing and creating the most job opportunities is an essential part of your decision-making process.

According to research conducted by the United States government, as well as other organizations who track industry and employment trends, three of the fastest-growing industries over the next decade will be healthcare, business, and construction. With a relevant degree, you can expect to find a variety of interesting and rewarding job opportunities within any of these arenas.


Growth in the healthcare industry will be driven primarily by our country’s aging population.  Senior citizens and other people with health issues will continue to need the direct medical care provided by doctors, but they will also need the type of care provided by nurses, home health care services, and physical therapists. So, it’s not surprising that the fastest-growing occupations in the healthcare industry are projected to be nurses, home health aides, and physical therapist aides.

People with health issues also need medical equipment and medication, and medical offices need to track their patients’ information accurately. This means that pharmacy technologists, medical office assistants, and medical transcriptionists will also be in high demand.

Degrees:  If you are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare, the hottest degrees in the foreseeable future will be nursing, physical therapy, and masters in human services. While the first two are more career specific, a masters in human services would open many doors and give you a broader career field to choose from.


People with general business skills are always highly sought after because they have the knowledge required to adapt to a variety of roles. Over the next decade, however, those with financial analysis and accounting skills can expect to do particularly well as the economy continues to strengthen. Likewise, market researchers and marketing analysts will also be in high demand.   

Degrees:  If business is what interests you and you like the idea of being flexible, consider a degree in business administration. If you enjoy working with numbers and spreadsheets, a degree in finance, accounting, or market research might be the right choice.


Although the construction industry was particularly hard-hit during the recent economic downturn, delayed demand for new buildings and improvements on existing buildings means that this will be one of the fastest-growing industries for years to come. Interest in green and sustainable building will be especially strong given the increasing interest in environmental issues. People with traditional construction skills like carpenters, plumbers, and electricians should do increasingly well in the job market, but those with knowledge of sustainable building practices and technologies will find that they have particularly strong employment prospects.

Degrees:  A degree in construction management, building science, or civil engineering will allow you to take advantage of the expanding opportunities in this industry. Also, a degree in urban or regional planning will position you for career success.

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Tips For a Successful Online Education

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Currently there is emphasis on higher education. People are furthering their studies and getting a master’s degree and even pursuing doctoral studies.

There is a broad variety of online degrees available and several of the most popular are in the human resources field. Availability of online master’s in human resources for those who want to further their studies has made things much easier for people with busy schedules. The obvious benefits that come with online studies are that you do not have to attend classes physically, it is usually cheaper and it offers flexibility for those who want it – even if they’re not busy.

Despite many advantages associated with online masters in human resources, getting a degree online requires self-discipline and self-motivation. No one will follow up on you to determine if you “attend” classes. Below are some essential tips about having a successful online education that students should know in order to manage their online studies.

Managing Time
Time is of the essence and you need to manage your time properly in order to be successful in everything you are doing. You need to establish the time of day that you are most focused and likely to study well without much interruption. Some people may study well early in the morning, while others may prefer late into the night. After you establish the time of day that you can be focused and study well, you then allocate appropriate time for your course.

Location, Location, Location

One of the greatest things about online masters in human resources is that you can attend classes online from any location. Since an individual can study from any place, you may have to determine the most suitable place to study.

Some people prefer absolute silence and no interruptions hence such individuals can consider studying at the library or a particularly studious coffee shop nearby. If you do not mind interruptions within the house, then you can simply study anywhere or set up a work study room. To avoid any inconveniences, it is essential that when you determine that optimal time for you to study; you do that while having in mind the place you will do your studies.

Can You Be Flexible?

Most people who take online courses do so because of the flexibility it provides to manage personal obligations and still pursue a career. If you cannot balance these and need the structure of a physical classroom, you need to realize that, as well.

It’s an understatement to say, the internet has been helpful since you can get almost any information there. When you take an online course, you have a wide range of resources you can access over the internet. Additionally you can participate in various group discussions through video conferencing with other students who are pursuing a similar career. You are likely to virtually meet various students from all over the world and thus exchange ideas, share information and learn a lot from each other.

Pursuing an online degree is beneficial only if you are self- disciplined, motivated and willing to interact with students from various parts of the world and learn from them.

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My brother lost the car, laptop and mobile!!

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I just got a phone call from my father that my elder brother got robbed!! Even at the first ring of phone I was suspicious that something unusual has happened because my parents never call me at this odd time – 11:30pm! My brother was beaten by 4 people and he was robbed of car, mobile, laptop and money he had. I am really worried about him, his condition. I’m least worried about the money or things lost, and I am getting an urge to talk to my brother pretty soon. An urge that led me turn on my laptop and talk to myself on this blog. I wish he is safe and isn’t hurt much. He is surgeon and I know he can handle pain but still my love for him is making me nervous.

Did you ever feel such a strong urge to talk to someone? I do.  I am felling helpless, sitting 1500km away from home.   

My elder brother has always been a hero, an ideal for me. I always wanted to be like him. He was very-very good at studies. Yes, and extra ‘very’ mean that. He did his medical degree from No. 1 medical college in India! It is unusual when you are born in a family living in remote village and you daily paddle your bicycle 5km to get a bus so that you can reach a school 35km away from your house. And yes, then walk for school from the bus stand. Yes, it is hard. Elder brother set the example for two of his younger brothers. And, my younger brother did followed the same steps and he surpassed my elder brothers legacy and may be he is better surgeon than him. Yes, he is also medical doctor. About me, I come in middle, I have tried my best to follow the footsteps but may be I have if you think earning money is one of those steps. I make enough money to live good live in India. Yes, till Feb. this financial year my earning is in 7 figures, yes mind that it is in Indian rupee! :) But do earning money matters? I always have felt lonely in all that money. 

Enough self talking! I am waiting to talk to my brother. 


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Student loan

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166753_548092988546217_1432572372_n loan

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I just came to know about the documentary about College Conspiracy and thought it will be helpful to you guys also. It may shatter your dreams or make you frustrated the way colleges exploits us. Now, I am left with thinking from where I will get my money to finance my MBA, if I get into B-school.

Anyhow, here is the link to the documentary

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