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Upcoming book by my friend!!

July 9, 2013 Leave a comment

Here in this post I want to shout out for my friend, Richard, he graduated from Cornell Johnson School of Management few weeks back and he is writing a book on how to get into B-school! He has already written more than 90,000 words!

His story is really inspiring and he is really awesome guy. He became more interesting guy when he started writing a book because I also share the same dream of writing a book! I have been following his journey at his blog since long time.

You can also know more about him and his book from this link

Also, for the limited time you can submit your email id at the above link and you may get a your essays reviewed by him for FREE!!

Check out



Just going through SC lessons on

Brent did a great job in explaining the concepts. Check out if you are having some problems at solving SC questions!

Will finish this module tonight for sure and will start MGMAT SC guide tomorrow!
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Student loan

March 1, 2013 Leave a comment

166753_548092988546217_1432572372_n loan

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Future Impossible Tense!!

February 24, 2013 Leave a comment

English class

I get this in the email today and I must say it is hilarious but true for every country, especially my home country – India!!

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Why English is hard to learn!

November 28, 2012 3 comments

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The Top Degrees in Healthcare Administration

October 6, 2012 8 comments

The healthcare industry is seeing massive growth. As long as there are people, there will be a need for healthcare. There is no way to change the simple fact that people get sick and injured every day. They need help in order to get better. These people are the doctors and nurses that we rely on, but there is an entirely different population of the healthcare industry; the healthcare administrators. These jobs do not require a medical or nurse related degree, but they will require a specialty healthcare administration degree. Choosing which degree is the best for these job positions can be confusing. Each degree is unique, and because each degree is unique, they all have different requirements. These requirements are typically the amount of time it takes to earn the degree.

How Much Time Do You Want to Invest?

Any career path is a huge decision. Part of that decision will be determining how much time you want to invest in your education. Degrees are usually categorized by the amount of time that is needed to earn them. Deciding how much time you want to devote to your education will make it much easier to choose the right degree for you.

Many people will choose an entry level degree that will grant them an entry level position into the job market. This will allow them to get a taste of what the career choice is really like without having to devote a lot of time towards their education. You can always choose to further your education if you really enjoy the career path that you have chosen. Researching healthcare management online will give you a better understanding of the different types of jobs available in this industry.

Associate Degree

This is an entry level degree that is perfect for anyone that might not be 100% certain that a career path in healthcare administration is right for the individual. This degree typically takes 12 months to earn. Many students are choosing to enroll in online courses that allow them to learn at their own pace. Some students are earning their Associate degree online in less than 12 months. This might not be the best opportunity for everyone. Earning a degree online grants a student a lot of freedom. It is easy to abuse this freedom. Earning a degree online takes a lot of hard work, dedication and self-discipline.

Many jobs in healthcare administration can be obtained with an Associate degree. If this career path is something you enjoy, you can always further your education by earning one of the other two degrees mentioned below.

Bachelor’s Degree

This is the next level of healthcare administration degree. It will open more doors simply because it requires a longer period of time to obtain. This specialized degree will provide students with a better understanding of health services. It will also give students the chance to work in many different areas of healthcare. It touches on some of the fundamentals of marketing, financing and leadership within the healthcare industry. This degree can take anywhere from 2-5 years to earn. If you already have an Associate degree, many schools will allow you to apply the credits that you already earned from your Associate degree towards your Bachelor’s degree.

There are also many great Bachelor’s degree programs available online. This makes it easy for anyone who is currently working a full time job to further his or her education and their career at the same time.

Master’s Degree

This is usually the highest degree that a person obtains in healthcare administration and management. If you already have an Associate degree, or a Bachelor’s degree, then obtaining your Master’s degree will be much easier. Every school is different, but the average amount of time needed to earn a Master’s degree in healthcare management is anywhere from 2-5 years. Just like the other two degrees, students have the opportunity to earn their Master’s degree online.

Healthcare management jobs are predicted to grow by as much as 16% in the next few years. It is an industry that is in high demand, and every job position within this industry earns a competitive salary.

Jane Steward recently completed her BA in healthcare management. She has worked for a private healthcare clinic near Mt. Hood, OR for the last 2 years.




Engineer Your Resume To Stand Out From the Crowd!

September 21, 2012 5 comments

Your resume is your first impression with a prospective employer. Resumes must highlight your accomplishments, illustrate your strengths and persuade employers to bring you in for an interview – all on one page. Larry Maier, president of Peerless Precision, a manufacturing plant, states that it takes no longer than 30 seconds to review a resume.

Glenn Shagena, the director of human resources at the Chrysler Group, says that they receive 10 to 50 resumes for every job posting. Both of these statements mean that it is crucial you engineer your resume to stand out from the rest if you wish to earn an interview. Below are strategies for crafting a resume that will stand out and give hiring managers exactly what they are looking for.

Strategies for Resume Success

These are time-honored strategies that will help you create a resume that informs hiring managers of exactly what they want to know – with no pointless information.

Craft A Job-Specific Resume – Perhaps you have a number of degrees, talents and qualifications that allow you to pursue a number of careers. Do not try to cram all of that information into one resume. Create multiple resumes for each of your specialties. Larry Maier stated that when he receives resumes from technical applicants, all he wants to see is highlighted technical training and relevant work experience – nothing more.

Use Direct Language – Be direct in every area of your resume. Your resume is your time to brag about yourself. There is no need to try to rely on implications or be modest. According to Peter Kistler, contributing writer for Brand Yourself, be very specific about your accomplishments. For example, instead of saying, “Responsible for making collection calls”, say, “Called customers who were late on payments and generated a 50 percent call-to-payment ratio.” Simply stating you were responsible for something does not say how successful you were at it.

Highlight Recent Accomplishments – John Challenger, executive at the consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, advises resume creators to focus on accomplishments and relevant work experience within the past 10 years. Do not treat every job you’ve held equally, and completely leave off irrelevant information.

The one exception to this rule is education – always detail formal education received. For example, if you are applying for a job in the public health industry, mention that you have completed public health masters programs. Additionally, if you received your degree online, explain that it was an online degree. To an employer, there is essentially little to no difference between an online degree and a traditional degree.

Edit, Edit, Edit! – Editing is the most important step in engineering your resume. The quickest route to losing a job prospect is to have spelling or grammar errors in your resume. Read your resume multiple times aloud to yourself. Run it through online proofreading tools. Kistler suggests sending your resume to two or more friends and having them proofread your resume. Additionally, ensure that you edit your resume down to a single page. It is fine if it goes beyond one page when initially writing it, but it must be refined to fit on a single page.

Use Proper File Names and Types – Now that your resume is ready to send, ensure that it is saved properly. According to Kistler, the preferred file extension is .PDF. Most word processors will allow you to save your document as a PDF. This file type saves all of your formatting and avoids aesthetic or functional issues that can arise from different versions of word processors. Lastly, the file name should be FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_Resume.pdf. Imagine you are a hiring manager who received 50 emails each containing a resume. You save them in a special folder. If they are all named “resume” you may end up deleting them, accidentally (or on purpose). Having a personal file name helps the hiring manager keep them organized – something they will appreciate.

Engineer Your Resume to Meet Success

The above strategies can be successfully employed to tailor a stellar resume that helps you stand out from the crowd. Even though many of these tips and strategies have been around for a while, hiring managers still appreciate them. You may be surprised how many applicants employ distasteful and time-wasting practices. These strategies are designed with the hiring manager in mind and assure them that you are a professional that is worthy of their time.

William Miller is a masters-level student on in an online human services degree program who also works as a consultant when he’s not busy studying or writing papers.

Three Common Misconceptions about Online Colleges

September 18, 2012 1 comment

Whenever I’m at a social event and start talking about higher education, I always see people’s faces light up. For one reason or another, people love to talk about their education and what they have done with it throughout their life. Education is something that runs deep with people; in fact, it almost becomes part of their identity.

I know a lot about online colleges. Not only am I an online college graduate, but I have also spent much of career writing about them. Unfortunately, one thing that never fails to surprise me is the look of dismay that appears on people’s faces whenever I start talking about online colleges. It’s almost as if all the blood has rushed from their face and they’ve lost complete interest in what I’m saying. I find this to be most troubling, given the fact that I’ve always known online colleges to be a viable, worthwhile alternative to any brick-and-mortar university. In all of my discussions with people, I’ve discovered there are three highly common misconceptions about online colleges.

You can’t get a job if you go to an online college

This is probably the most ridiculous misconception about online colleges. I think the main reason people are afraid they won’t get a job with an online college degree is simply because they don’t know enough about online colleges and their job placements, given that online colleges have only been around for a few years. In fact, people with online degrees are obtaining many of the jobs in the current job market, since most online college degrees focus on core career skills, as opposed to a smorgasbord of nonsensical classes. As is the case with any college degree, however, it isn’t the degree that matters so much as what you do with it.

Everything you learn is through the computer

When I explain to people that online colleges aren’t solely based on the Internet, they usually look confused. Sure, the name “online college” might be misleading in some way, but, yes, it’s true that you’ll often find yourself working off the computer during your courses. Many of my online college classes had me attending educational seminars, community discussions, group study sessions, and several informal classes as part of their curriculum. I found that all of these events helped contribute to a more well-rounded experience to my online education, and better yet, I wasn’t stuck staring at a computer screen all day.

You can only get an associate’s degree at an online college

Believe it or not, there are a number of different degrees you can obtain at an online college, and they come in all shapes and sizes: associate degrees, technical degrees, business degrees, nursing degrees, doctorate degrees, master’s degrees, etc. Keep in mind, not everybody has the funds necessary to go to traditional universities whenever they want to get a new degree. In fact, I got my bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas, but then chose to get my business degree online. As long as the program suits your personal lifestyle and financial budget, that’s all that matters.

It’s easy to jump to conclusions about online colleges when you don’t know all the facts. Lucky for you, these are three factual bits of information you can take to heart!

Mary Crum is a freelance blogger who writes about education topics, college trends, student lives, and online colleges in Alabama. Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

FREE Webinar: Polish Your MBA Essays with the “Editing Funnel”

September 17, 2012 Leave a comment

What does a funnel have to do with editing essays, you ask? Lots if you’re using’s unique MBA essay editing tool, the “editing funnel.”

During this hour-long webinar, founder and CEO, Linda Abraham, will guide you through the editing funnel. Armed with these tips and tools, you will be able to edit and proof your MBA essays so they shine.

The MBA Essay Editing Funnel webinar will air live on Thursday, September 20th at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET.

It’s free, but registration is required. Reserve your space for The MBA Essay Editing Funnel now!

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Choosing the Best Online College Programs to Further Your Education

August 30, 2012 3 comments

Technology has evolved to give us a wide range of conveniences. These days just about everyone has a computer with internet access and if they don’t have a computer with Internet access, they most likely have a smart phone that does. The Internet has brought us the convenience of online shopping, social networks, and the ability to obtain a degree from anywhere in the world.

Today, more people are choosing to continue their education from the convenience of their home. Online classes provide more convenience, affordability, and more choices. Deciding which online course is the best can be a real challenge. Not every online program is the same. Some might be more expensive than others, and there may be some that exist simply to make money. Finding an accredited online college course can be even more difficult. How do you know if you are spending your hard earned money on the right course? Here are some tips that will help anyone determine which online course is right for them.

Does Online Mean Online?

While some schools advertise online courses, they may be hybrid courses that require a student to attend both online classes and a physical classroom. If you are looking for an online course, make sure that 100 percent of the course is available online.

Do You Meet the Requirements?

While most modern computers will be able to handle all of the requirements of an online course, there are some specialized programs and software that will be needed to attend the online classroom. Not every computer can handle some of these special programs. Find out what the minimum requirements are and make sure your computer is compatible. Also, make sure that you have a high-speed internet connection that is reliable. Many of the classrooms use video and other forms of online media as part of the curriculum. Slow Internet connections will not be able to handle these large media files.

Can You Handle It?

Online courses offer a tremendous amount of freedom; however not everyone can cope with this freedom. You must be dedicated, diligent and ready to work at your own pace. If you tend to procrastinate with everything that you do, an online course might not be the best choice for you. It requires a certain amount of motivation and dedication on your part in order to complete the class.

What Are Your Online Educational Options?

Deciding to pursue a degree online will open up a huge world of career choices. Here are some of the most popular online degrees available today.

Masters in Human Resources – This degree will give a person a wide variety of responsibilities. Positions in human resources are currently in high demand. Businesses are growing at a record pace, and they often don’t have the time to manage all of their employees and policies. Earning a Masters in Human Resources can help land a high-paying job that is an integral part of today’s corporate world.

Computer and Information Technology – There is no doubt that technology is growing at breakneck speed. Earning a degree in this field gives the person a great chance to work with emerging technologies in the workplace. Online courses in this field create an excellent learning environment.

Online Project Management Degree – This type of degree is great for any person that likes to take the bull by the horns (metaphorically speaking, obviously). Project managers are responsible for managing a product from concept to finish. This means that they will be in charge of scheduling, planning, budgeting, organizing, and making sure that every member of the team is doing their part. It also gives a person a chance to work on varied projects. An online project management degree is a useful investment in your future.

Criminal Justice – Onlinedegrees in criminal justice are becoming extremely popular. Unfortunately there is never a lack of crime, and pursuing an online criminal justice degree will give a person the chance to be a modern superhero. Criminal justice covers a wide range of career choices. A person with a degree in criminal justice can work in law enforcement, legal issues or different federal positions that help protect millions of people every single day.

These are just a few of the great opportunities that online college programs offer; there’s a wealth of other programs worth fully exploring.

Janet Strater is a contributing author who recently earned her degree in criminal justice online. She’s working on another degree, in human resources, at the moment. 

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