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Strategic Credential Builders: Mini MBA Certificate Programs

A Master’s in Business Administration is the ultimate goal for many talented professionals – and for good reason. The MBA is a highly regarded credential that can improve your fundamental skills, enhance your resume and improve your job prospects. In this post-recession economy, it’s clear that an MBA can give you a competitive edge, and make a big difference in your career.

It’s also clear that an MBA program requires a strong commitment. The cost can be significant, and classes and study time will impact your work schedule and personal responsibilities. In addition, you could be out of the running for promotions or new job opportunities for the length of the program.

For these reasons and more, increasing numbers of professionals are opting for the smart alternative to a full-time MBA program: the Mini MBA. A Mini MBA program is a less time-consuming, less costly way to build business knowledge. A Mini MBA program can expand your networks, boost your credentials and give you much-needed skills – without a long-term, full-time commitment.

The Mini MBA Certificate Program

The Mini MBA curriculum is designed to “fill in the gaps,” by increasing your knowledge of important business topics in an accelerated time frame. You’ll receive instruction on business essentials that can be applied immediately on the job, along with deeper insights into one of seven areas of specialization:

Is a Mini MBA Program a Good Fit For Me?

A Mini MBA program is an ideal solution for busy working professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as individuals in transition. It’s a good fit if you’d like to improve your job performance or position yourself for new opportunities. In addition, if you’re planning to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration in the future, the Mini MBA can provide a preview without the financial and time commitment of the full program.

Mini MBA Program Benefits and Advantages

Mini MBA Certificate programs offer solid credentials, with the advantage of a shorter time frame and lower cost than a two-year MBA program. Mini MBA programs offer dozens of career-boosting benefits, including:

  • Specialized skills to help you perform your job better.
  • A boost in confidence.
  • New networks to enhance your career path.
  • Must-have tools to advance at your current job or transition into a new field.
  • The knowledge you need to pursue the job you really want.
  • `The chance to develop knowledge in a specialty field without a full-time commitment.
  • Real-world skills that will increase your marketability and distinguish you from the competition

How to Choose a Mini MBA Program

When researching your Mini MBA options, you’ll find a number of different offerings. Programs vary in length, from weekend to summer-long courses. Some are offered on-campus only, while others are available through online instruction. As in any major decision, you’ll want to compare programs for cost, length, location, convenience and value for your investment.

You’ll also want to consider whether a Mini MBA program offers transferable credits. Many do not.  The advantage of a for-credit program is that when you’re ready to pursue your MBA in the future, you’ll be able to apply the credits you’ve earn toward the program requirements.

The Mini MBA Could Be Ideal For You

A Mini MBA Certificate program offers great flexibility and countless benefits. You can build on your current business knowledge and establish a more solid foundation for your future. You’ll have the opportunity to learn must-have business techniques, strategies and skills that can improve your job performance, and help you qualify for new job prospects. After completing a Mini MBA Certificate program, you may decide to move into a full MBA program – and you’ll be well on your way to completing your goal.

Get the essentials you need now – without the commitment and cost of a full-time MBA program – through the Mini MBA Certificate. It’s a smart option for today’s business professional.

– A guest post by Jonathan Azares

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